Shipping Container Covers

Convert your existing shipping containers into a functional and secure storage or working area by adding a steel shipping container cover. HCI Steel Buildings provides an economical solution for a variety of needs by simply covering the space between shipping containers with our innovative steel roofing. Our structures can transform wasted space into something useful, like a shipping container garage. But that’s not all! There are several other unique uses for shipping container roofs, including:

shipping container steel covers
  • Homes
  • Workshops
  • Heavy Equipment Storage
  • Job Site Storage
  • On premise Offices and Lunch Areas
  • Plus so Much More!

Customers can use shipping containers as well as the space between them as secure storage options. This saves companies both time and money. HCI’s steel roofs are made from industrial strength, commercial grade steel making them some of the strongest structures on earth. Paneling is backed by a 25-year warranty, our metal roofing systems resists corrosion and eliminates maintenance costs in the future.

HCI Steel Buildings container covers offer a clear span design, providing 100% usable space which is perfect for industrial, commercial, or construction environments. Unlike fabric covers that wear and tear quickly, HCI’s container covers are manufactured to last for many years after they’re purchased. They are pre-engineered to meet local wind, snow, and seismic design requirements of your location. HCI Steel Buildings container covers can also be tailored to fit any job site. They can be open ended or enclosed, and the size can be customized to the width between the two containers and height requirements of the project. Even after a job is done, they are designed to move to the next job site easily as our commercial metal roof systems can be permanent or portable. When you need an economical, secure industrial storage solution, HCI Steel Buildings covers for shipping containers are the best option on the market.