Metal Roofing


HCI Steel buildings is a leading supplier of residential, commercial and industrial metal roofing products.  Metal roofing system is cost-effective, fire resistant and withstands the weather elements more effectively than any other roofing material.

HCI Steel Buildings LLC is a locally owned company with many structures supplied through-out the United States and Canada.  We manufacture our metal roofing components in our Arlington, WA based facility.  Our metal roofing and siding panels offer a low maintenance solution for all your commercial roofing needs.  We work with numerous home owners and contractors in Washington state. We can ship our materials to any destination in the United States. We also supply roofing components, such as customized ridge cap, gutters, downspouts, metal trim, sealants, clips and closures.

HCI Steel Buildings offers many different color options along with selections for your metal roofing.

DripStop Condensation Control 

HCI proudly provides DripStop Condensation Control Membrane that is pre-applied on metal roof paneling. Drip Stop traps and holds moisture within its felt membrane. Once the temperature recedes back below dew point, it releases moisture back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

DripStop Membrane is available on HCI’s HHR panel (Husky High Rib).

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