We are a leading manufacturer of metal components nationwide and in Canada.

We  manufacture metal building components and replacement parts including but not limited to roofing, siding, panels, trims, girts and purlins.

8″ C or Z Girts

Girts run horizontal through the walls between the columns and purlins on the roof. This gives the roof and wall sheeting something to attach to and adds strength to the building frame. HCI offers many different sizes and gauges of C & Z girts and purlins. Please call for price and availability.

Clearspan – Rigid Frame

This tapered member frame can be used in clearspan situations from 40 to 250 feet. It can be either gable or single slope. Common roof slopes of 1”:12 pitch – 6”:12 pitch. When large clearspan areas are required for special industrial and commercial projects, the clearspan frame style is typically the economical choice.


HCI can provide a full line of metal building clips. From 12 gauge structural welded clips to 18 gauge punched clip. Just send us a drawing and we can send your customized quote back quickly.




Man doors come in a variety of sizes and styles. We offer a man door package that includes a door leaf, a frame, threshold, sweeps and level lock. Panic hardware can also be added as required by fire code. Standard door sizes are 3’x7’, 4’x7’ and 6’x7’. HCI can supply and install overhead doors for your structure. We have years of experience and lots of suggestions if you are not sure what door is the right door for your project. There are many types of doors for metal buildings.


HCI supplies either cold-formed Z section purlins or open web bar joists. The decision on which structural members to use will be based on the economy of each member, the roof system used, the p product application, or by customer choice at the time of order entry. HCI’s continuous purlin system meets the stringent requirements of the latest edition of the AISI specification. All open web joists are designed in accordance with the Steel Joist Institute requirements. Purlins of 12” depth are also available for some applications.
Insulation: Metal building insulation is provided in many different thicknesses and application styles. Check with your local building department to see what your energy requirements are. Insulation requirements will vary by location and building design. Having proper insulation installed can save you from high heating and cooling costs.

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