Bellevue Steel Metal Carports

Car Steel Metal Carport For Bellevue

Car Steel Metal Carport For Bellevue

HCI Steel Buildings specializes in steel metal carports, storage sheds and garages for Bellevue, King County, Washington State and the entire United States.  We have a variety of colors and materials to stay within your budget. Our steel metal carports, storage sheds and garages come with a 115 mph rating along with a 20 or 25-year panel warranty (depending gauge of steel).

Steel Metal Carports offer a solid outdoor storage solution for your Bellevue home or business.

At HCI Steel Buildings we also offer steel metal carport kits for general contractors, commercial dealers or home owners.

Our steel metal carports, storage sheds and other various metal building covers are manufactured locally in our plant in Arlington, WA.  Everything we do is all custom order to our client’s specific needs as requested by customer. (Please check desired sizes, clearances and specifications with your local building department before purchasing a steel carport).

Stamped, engineered drawings for your Bellevue or King County permitting process are available for an additional fee.

We use higher quality steel so when the hard winter months come your metal cover will withstand the elements.

HCI offers excellent customer service along with the best pricing in the industry.

Steel Metal carports are a great and economical investment.

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Build it once, build it right, build with steel metal carports in Bellevue!

Please contact HCI Steel Buildings by calling us directly at 360-403-4900.

Bellevue Steel Metal Carports FAQ: Where are your carports manufactured?

All of our materials are manufactured and constructed in Washington State.

Bellevue Steel Metal Carports FAQ: Do you warranty your carports?

Yes, we provide a 20 or 25 year panel warranty (depending upon the gauge of the steel).

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Bellevue Steel Metal Carports